Censored Professor Amends Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Florida Atlantic University and Faculty Union

Censored Professor Amends Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Florida Atlantic University and Faculty Union

December 28, 2016, Boca Raton, Florida –Former FAU Professor James Tracy, who was terminated from his tenured faculty position in January 2016 in retaliation for his personal blogging, has amended his federal lawsuit following a federal court ruling dismissing part of his lawsuit, including his due process claims and state law claims against FAU faculty union representatives.

Professor Tracy’s amended complaint now consists of only five federal counts against the Defendant University and one count for breach of contract. Two of Professor Tracy’s remaining federal counts under Section 1983 are also levied against three senior FAU officials, in their personal capacities, including FAU’s President John Kelly, Vice Provost Diane Alperin, and Dean Heather Coltman. One count for conspiracy to interfere with Professor Tracy’s civil rights remains against the Defendants United Faculty of Florida (“UFF”) and Florida Education Association (“FEA”), and Professor Tracy’s faculty union representatives, UFF-FAU President Robert Zoeller, Jr. and UFF/FEA Service Unit Director Michael Moats.

The amended lawsuit adds several new exhibits, including e-mail communications and internal notes recorded by senior FAU officials and representatives, showing the conspiracy to violate Professor Tracy’s civil rights. It can be viewed below:


Dr. James Tracy is an award-winning American academic with expertise in communications, media and conspiracy studies, who was awarded lifetime tenure by Florida Atlantic University in 2008. He holds a Ph.D. in mass communications and taught courses at FAU in Communications, including a course entitled Culture of Conspiracy.

The lawsuit seeks Tracy’s reinstatement other forms of equitable and monetary relief.

Inquiries may be directed to info@floridacivilrights.org.

Louis Leo IV

Trial Lawyer & Founder of Florida Civil Rights Coalition



  1. Yahu Savant 1 year ago December 31, 2016

    Such a shame. I remember the “60’s when free speech was under attack (as always) on campus but always prevailed. At that time the political “right” was dominant on campus but the political “left” was ascendant. Now, the political “left” is dominant and appears to be more intolerant of opposing views than the political “right” ever was! I’ve grandchildren in college who say that they are afraid to voice their beliefs for fear of being punished by the school! I had always believed that a college or university would encourage divergent thinking as opposed to the indoctrination so common in the high schools. Now I see what they meant by “dumbing down America”. May YHVH grant you victory with your law suit.

  2. HowISee TheWorld 1 year ago January 1, 2017

    We stand beside you, Dr. Tracy, and you are a hero for fighting back. I for one will continue to expose the Sandy Hook fraud and battle the terrorists who continue to disparage, harm, terrorize, and harass those of us speaking the truth. The truth which cannot be suppressed. Robin


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